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Real Life Porn Games – Couple Sex Games

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Real Life Porn Games For The Wildest Fantasies Possible

We looked at porn to give us inspiration in the 2000s, but then we realized that we don’t need porn scenarios to make us horny. We’re a horny bunch by default. The real-life fantasies that we have in our day to day life with the women and men surrounding us are way naughtier and more exciting than any pizza guy with his extra sausage. You can see that in the porn trends of today. Amongst the most popular searched terms on the big sex tubes are family taboo, cuckold, swinging, teen gf or real wife BBC.

And we know exactly why. It is because no matter how great the sex is when you look at it from a performance point of view, it will always be hotter when the excitement of doing something that’s out of the ordinary kicks in. It’s that spice everybody talks about when saying they want a more interesting sex life. You might not know it, but that extra excitement isn’t only in amateur videos on porn tubes. It can be successfully recreated in adult games with well written stories. Adult games like the one we have on Real Life Porn Games. All the games in our collection are based on real life fantasies we all share. And because of that, we will immerse ourself better in the gameplay and the action will hit us different than it does when we’re playing parody sex games or BDSM games. We’ve noticed this effect is felt even harder since the introduction of HTML5 games. Because they give creators more liberty to play with the story, they can hit us with that dose of realism in the gameplay. And that’s when we realized men from all over the world are into this kind of games and a new niche is to be born. That’s when we started working on this site, which is now offering a massive collection of handpicked games for any fantasy you might have about women whom you know. Read more about our site down below.

What Fantasies Should I Expect From Real Life Porn Games?

If you’re a fan of the amateur porn and you spend time on amateur porn tubes, you will notice that the categories list and the tags of our site are similar to what you find there. And that’s because those are the most common and the most requested real-life fantasies men and women have. As you might have noticed in our collection by know and as you might’ve expected, the most popular real-life fantasy on our site is incest. We have games of moms and sons, dads and daughters, siblings going at it and even full family orgies. And there’s nothing out of the ordinary. Just well written incest stories with great sex scenes. Then we have the favorite category of the ladies who enjoy adult gaming on our site. We’re talking of course about the interracial games. No matter if they’re coming with a cuckold or a cheating fantasy, the games in which hotwives are getting their guts rearranged by BBCs are always the most played by the ladies.

When it comes to wife sharing, the men on our site are mostly into swinging sex games. And we have some games for the sub hubbies too. You can play MMF bi cuckold games on our site, and we even have hubby sissy training games. At the same time, we also have tranny experience games, in which men or women are enjoying trans cocks in the gameplay. Other real-life categories on our site include pregnancy sex, games featuring sugar daddies collecting teen girls, teacher student encounters and even stories of sex with strangers.

We Handpick Our Content On Real Life Porn Games

When we started gathering the games for this collection, we set some quality guidelines. And the thing that differentiates our site from so many other sites coming with family sex games or cuckold games is the fact that we only feature the girls with good stories. It’s not enough to have a game titled “Cheating Wife” and then all you see in it is a MILF character fucked by a BBC with no context. Our games will take you on emotional rollercoasters, giving you the whole situation of how the characters ended up living those epic fantasies, only to satisfy you with the interactive sex scenes that you’ll play. Some of these games could be considered visual novels, with the text and dialogue alone being enough to make you cum.

But there’s more than just story. We also only chose the games coming with HTML5 graphics and cross platform compatibility. We tested the games on mobile devices to check the touch screen gameplay. Then if a game passed all tests, it got uploaded in our hosting servers, from where they come to you for browser gameplay. The servers are 100% secure and so is the rest of our site.

Excellent Games For Couples

This is one of the most female friendly porn gaming platforms of the moment. We all know that the girls are more into real life fantasies. Well, our collection and the number of female players that we have every day stands proof. That’s why we recommend these games for couples. You can play them for fun, or you can use the opportunity to talk about your fantasies and things you’d like to experiment with in real life. Porn games of the fantasy you want to try are better than porn movies on the same topic. That’s because the movies can hit people on a personal level. Let’s say the girl in the film is younger or has bigger tits than your wife. Or the black guy has a dick that’s three times bigger than yours. These things make people uncomfortable and not open for fantasy talk. With porn games, that never happens. No matter how big the tits or the cocks are, they’re just video games characters. Use this trick to improve your sex life and use our site to have the best adult gaming orgasms the internet can offer.

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